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Haunted Nashville
Haunted Nashville
Haunted Nashville
Haunted Nashville

Reviews for Haunted Nashville

over a year ago

great if you know what to expect – Now let me first tell you that I went last year not this year. So I can

over a year ago

Thanks for the review... appreciate recognition for our efforts and that you understand what HN is about! Briefly I'll point out that there are actually twice as many actors in House of Distortion than other two. Would love to have more everywhere (we have 50 as it is), but finances prevent it. Be sure to catch us in 2012, as there are many more things coming!

over a year ago

An honest and unbiased review. – Let me start out by saying a bit about myself. I'm a pretty modern girl that has worked in the entertainment industry for for over 6 years. Indeed, I didn't leave the industry until the man who introduced me to it past away. I just lost my love for it.

Fast forward 11 years when I got an email that Haunted Nashville was looking to hire people for their show. "Show?" I thought. "Never heard a haunted house call itself that before." My next thought was that I had never heard of the place before. I've worked over the years for several Haunts in this area but never heard of Haunted Nashville. Come to find out, I just missed them. As I left to move to another state for a few years, they were just getting started. This was in 09.

So I show up for auditions and I was simply floored. Even as the haunt was building new ideas, I had never in my life been to a haunted house that looked like I just strolled onto a horror movie set. It was unreal. The attention to detail was simply unmatched and as a former entertainment professional, I could see the pain staking detail and all the time that must have gone into the attraction.

I did my audition, left and decided regardless if I get a call back, I am positive to come back and go through. I just had to see it fully operational and staffed.

As luck would have it, I did get a call back and I now work for this Haunted Attraction. So how can I be unbiased and yet still work there? Because I have nothing to gain by lying. I don't get paid according to what HN makes or doesn't make. Its not thousands of hours of my life vested in it. I do what I do for the sake of the art and my total love for my character. It would be easier to just not speak at all then waste time on a lie.

I read people say that all the good reviews are written by staff. To my knowledge only The owner who posted before me, and myself have written to this board. Something no one seems to consider is the compition who write bad reviews to keep people away so they spend their money else where. Its bad form, but its happened.

Also, people mention the lack of chainsaws a lot. Well I know I myself mention there are no chainsaws when people first enter. Its fresh on their mind and so very many people never miss the loud things. I personally never found a chainsaw with no chain being weilded by someone who can't touch you as being scary.

Nathan Hamalton is brilliant in the way he gets inside your head and not only scares you external, but also gets you to scare yourself mentally. He works feverishly everyday to ensure the best possible guest experience and I can tell you from talking to hundreds of our guests after the show, that he delivers.

As you go out this Halloween season and try to decide how to spend your entertainment dollars, you need only to ask yourself this: Do I want a mindless shock show with no story, people dressed up as movie monsters, played by untrained actors that depend only on overloading your senses with blood, gore and chainsaws, or do I want a show that has a story that's engaging, trained actors, an experience that leaves you scared long after the show is over and memories you can take with you as a lone seeker or a family outing (because haunted Nashville is family friendly).

Many Haunts may well try to copy this style in the future but there will always be only one Haunted Nashville. I for one am very proud to work and have experienced (I've gone through the whole show 3 times) such an amazing attraction. Check us out for yourself!

Most sincerely,


over a year ago

Awesome Attraction – One of the best Haunts I have ever been to. Coming from a theatrical background and past Haunted House actor, I can honestly say this was the classiest haunt ever! Be sure to check it out before October runs out...muahahahahah.

over a year ago

What a great place! – We were there on Saturday night and they were incredibly busy. Based on the REAL reviews (there's so much unhelpful bad garbage to sort through) and having seen it in person, I can see why they are so busy...this place was unbelievable!

We were kept entertained as soon as we walked in the door. They have more actors walking around keeping people in line entertained than most haunts have in their attraction.

We saw all kinds of people too waiting to go in....old, very young, teens, families, and just average haunted house enthusiasts. The families is what kind of floored me because you don't see families at other haunts very often. This place is marketed as family friendly and it is. Lots of security, staff, and cops were there too.

So anyway, yes there is some waiting involved, all haunts have them, but just soak up the environment and you'll be inside the first attraction before you know it. The scenery and sound in this place is INSANE! Look around on the internet for pictures and you'll see what I'm talking about. It was like walking THROUGH a movie the whole time we were there.

After we had our picture taken in the salon, the first attraction is an old house called Turbidite Manor. It was awesome. We felt like we were walking through an abandoned home as if the family just up and left one day. There was that much detail! And the actors played logical roles that made sense. We appreciated the marriage between actors and scenery. Imagine walking through a house that was just simply abandoned 100 years or so ago and that's what this first attraction was.

After that we had to wait to get into the second attraction. While waiting though in addition to all the actors and staff talking to us in line there was this freakin' HILARIOUS stage show up on an old gypsy wagon. You've just got to see it. The guys up on the stage are peddling some medicinals. They'll pick on you and tease with you and they definitely want the teasing back at them. It was a great way to kill time and VERY entertaining.

The second attraction is called The Vault. This is kind of the control center (yes WE paid attention to the story...) of the whole attraction. Basically the premise is that you're not supposed to be in there. Once again, I've got to mention the sets....there were broken pipes gushing water everywhere, electric lines sparking, a green house, and other really cool scenes. The actors rocked it out in this one too. This haunt is new for this year. Last year this particular one was Epidemic. There was NOTHING about this place (the vault) that reminded me of last year's attraction (epidemic). Some serious cash went into this one. Take time to soak up the scenery and interact with the actors.

The third attraction is called House of Distortion. This one is just a flat out old school haunted house attraction at it's finest. The actors were unrelenting....we loved that. They were everywhere. Dead spots annoy me unless they serve a purpose. There weren't any dead spots here. This one (house of distortion) was genuinely creepy. It was. It was just creepy. We talked to some of the staff after we went through the place and they said that some of the actors that worked there didn't even feel comfortable in House of Distortion. So if you want a good old fashioned scare, that should tell you something. And once again, the scenery was like walking through a movie, and the sound was too wild. It sounded like pipes were being thrown at us in one place. The sound is that convincing. Once again, it's a mish-mash of everything "recovered" from the world's fair in Tennessee. So in short, you're going to see all kinds of stuff that you didn't expect.

We're going back! We all agree we've got to see this one again this season. You'll feel welcomed, safe, and entertained at Haunted Nashville. Go check it out.

over a year ago

great scares, great fun – Here's the deal, too all you bashers out there: For 6 years I worked at a haunted house that relied on terrifying the pants off people, and let's be honest, I get a kick out of making people pee themselves. I currently work for a indy-movie company doing special effects makeup. Aka, I feel I know my s**t about Haunted Houses. I'm a horror movie buff and honestly enjoy blood, gore and violence at haunted houses.

But when I went to Haunted Nashville last weekend, I thought, "this is awesome!" It was so different and yeah, so you get a little history and background story for the characters and attractions, that's what made it so cool! The stories are up on a projector as you first walk in and...

I'm betting the jerks who write bad reviews didn't get the whole backstory because they probably can't read to begin with and so could not enjoy the full effect.

With Haunted Nashville you seem to either hate it, or love it. I for one, loved it and so did the friends I brought with me. There is no false advertising, the price is reasonable (do yourself the favor and time your walk through other haunts...it's the same or less ammount of time at other haunts and generally so dark in those you would never see the flaws in the scenery.). The scenic quality is astounding and the actors are fun.

I Understand if you didn't enjoy the show, but just saying that it wasn't scary is not good review. "redefining fear" is what haunted Nashville claims to do...I think they do an excellent job of it.

over a year ago

Haunted Nashville is Halloween, not homicide – @johnbgood84

I am the owner of Haunted Nashville, and no I am not posting bogus positive reviews, nor am I good friends with the Parent Magazine reviewer. I did not take an ad out with Parent Magazine... I sent them a press release and the Editor (who is also a theatre critic) came out to see and review the show.

If you have a problem with our show, then simply don't come back and see us. I challenge you to find any advertising anywhere that claims that our show is anything than what it is. It is rude and offensive, not just to me but to the tens of thousands of patrons who actually have enjoyed Haunted Nashville, that you think that your personal feelings on the matter somehow supersede the opinions of our loyal customer base and you discount them as such.

Perhaps it hasn't occurred to you that the various people who have posted here regarding "chainsaws" have made mention of them because just about every other haunted house attraction (or, more accurately, shock show) relies on them... and one of the glaring distinctions for guests at Haunted Nashville is the lack of chainsaws. Whether they are scary is debatable... personally, I find them annoying at best and they disturb the rest of the show.

Please don't demean me, my cast, and my show simply because we are daring enough to try something different... something that actually revolves around Halloween and ghosts as opposed to sadism and murder... something that an entire family can enjoy and not just the niche 'blood & guts' market... something that actually takes thought and money to develop and isn't just thrown together at the last minute.

Rather than continue on, I'll let others speak for my work. If you have an issue with the reviews here, try these on for size (and no, I don't know these people personally... they gave their honest opinions of my show):

"One of the Top 25 Must See Haunts in the Nation" (moved up from number 24 to 16 this year) -Haunted Attraction Magazine

"Hands-down the BEST haunted attraction I've ever experienced." (read full review at Nashville Parent Magazine website) -Chad Young, Managing Editor/Entertainment Editor, Nashville Parent Magazine

Winner, 2010 Silver Scream Award-Best Haunt in Middle TN / Winner, Best Scenery Award, TN -Tennessee Haunted Adventures

"One of the most unique, authentic, and creepy looking attractions I've ever seen! Top notch!" -Larry Kirchner, HauntWorld Magazine

"... a genuinely creepy experience... capturing a genuinely creepy sense of being in a haunted house peopled by intangible phantoms." -Steve Biodrowski, Hollywood Gothique

"The detail is incredible and the special effects are amazing." -Kevin Gaiman, Nightshade Manor,

"So unique, so beautifully done. Really cool rooms, very creepy. Disney Haunted Mansion, only with a darker feel." -Jim Hughes, Dark Raven Designs, New York

"...pushed the traditional haunt to the next level... the quality of the show is top notch." -Jean-Marc Toussaint, Theme Park Designer

"You are light years ahead of most, ourselves included! We are very inspired by your attraction and we hope to make it out sometime to visit. Outstanding job!" -Lee Ostergren & Kelly Allen, Eureka Screams, Arizona

"It's like there playing off of the same feelings/ambitions that make people want to tour REAL haunted places... so COOL!" -Terrormedia

Turbidite Manor featured on Jimmy Kimmel Live! 2005

Winner, Best Scenic Design (Turbidite Manor) 2005 -Haunted Media Magazine

Doesn't Recommend
over a year ago

Boo-red out of my MIND! – Went this past weekend after reading a few of the reviews on this very page. It was more of a whim than anything since I live in the Hermitage area. A few friends and I wanted something to do so we looked up the nearest haunted house to our place and Haunted Nashville was the closest. I'd say that's where our first mistake was made.

TIckets were 23 buck a piece. 3 of us went, so that was $69 bucks total. Yep, $69 bucks. (pretty appropriate number seeing as how we all got SCREWED) Complete waste of hard earned money.

This place had 3 seperate sections inside and none were worth remembering. The monster people kept talking to us and we could really care less what they were mumbling on about. We came to get scared, not be given a history lesson.

I was really mislead by the reviews here and wish I would have paid more attention to them before we chose to go. Reading through them now, it really looks like the same person is writing the positive reviews under a different name. (or at least has someone else doing it for him/her) Every positve review talks about how this place doesn't have teenagers with chainsaws. Nearly EVERY one. But news flash to the person who runs this place:

CHAINSAWS ARE SCARY! GET IT THROUGH YOUR HEAD. Monsters delivering lines like they're auditioning for the lead in Hamlet is NOT.

Again, it's obvious an employee is leaving the positive comments. Here are a few times chainsaws/hockey masks are mentioned. Convenient? I think not. They're all nearly IDENTICAL!


"If your idea of fright via a haunted house means blood, guts, gore and chain saw-wielding teenagers wearing hockey masks..."

"If you think the only way to do a haunted house is to have people in hockey masks with chainsaws chasing you, then you will be disappointed.."

"For a few reasons, the first being it didn't involve some teenager running at you with a chainsaw.."

"If you are seeking the commonplace chainsaws, gore, and violence seen in most haunted attractions..."

"finally someone has put together and truly scary

experience without resorting to cheap chainsaw gimmicks!"

"being chased by a guy with a chainsaw" kind of haunted house. Some very cool visual effects, sets, sound effects and the actors seemed more like real actors, unlike other places that have obvious teenagers in Jason masks jumping out at you..."


I will let those bogus reviews speak for themselves. If you are reading this and are considerning paying to go to Haunted Nashville, spend your money somewhere else or give it to the bum we saw on the road near the building. At least then it will be better spent. If I could get my money back, I would. But I take it as a lesson learned. Don't trust the good reviews on Citysearch.

25 Top Haunts?? Must have been a typo, because it can't be within the top 2500! The owner must be friends with that magazine like he OBVIOUSLY is with the writer below with Nashville Parent Magazine...I mean really?? You must be pretty desperate for advertisment if you are putting ads in a PARENT MAGAZINE for haunted houses.

Anyways, I'm hitting up Slaughterhouse next week simply becuase that guy below me mentioned it. If you don't like that place, it must mean it's ACTUALLY scary. Thanks for the tip!

over a year ago

The BEST haunted attraction in Nashville!!!! – Just returned home from my inaugural excursion to Haunted Nashville and turned on all the lights in the house! What an amazingly scary haunt!

If your idea of fright via a haunted house means blood, guts, gore and chain saw-wielding teenagers wearing hockey masks, then go to Slaughterhouse or one of the many other cheesy haunted houses in the area... If that stuff is what gives you the creeps, then Haunted Nashville isn't for you.

I've been to myriad haunted attractions in my 40 years, and none have given me the willies like Haunted Nashville did earlier this evening. And you must keep in mind that fear is relative. What scares the snot out of one person might not phase the next one in line.

The glory -- or more appropriately, horror -- of Haunted Nashville is how it taps into and preys and plays on the basic, inherent fear of the human mind, primarily fear of the dark. Add to that incredible, Hollywood-style sets and special effects (most notable, a ghost in a rocking chair who gets up and vanishes through a wall), and you've got all you need to make your heart pound fast and clutch tightly to those with you as you tip-toe through the many dark corners, twists and turns throughout the three different structural environments.

A very creative, well-crafted storyline takes you through the entire experience, which, if you give it attention, adds to the spook factor... but you'll be equally creeped out if you don't pay attention to it.

You'll encounter a lot of live, professional, character actors representing ghosts, ghouls, zombies,etc. along the way ... each adorned with Hollywood-style makeup and costumes. One hag in particular (whom I dub "The Creeper") jumped out in front of me, I screamed, dodged around it and took off running ... when I stopped and turned around expecting to see my three pals behind me... they were no where in sight, but The Creeper was right there hands in the air (it chased me without me knowing it), more screaming from me... and yes, the 9-year-old in my group (they only let 8 people in at a time), pointed out: "Dude, you sure do scream loud for a guy!"

Haunted Nashville succinctly gave me a lot of screaming moments. It spooked me on all counts, and coming out of it, it was a LOT OF FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!

The thing I like best about this attraction is that it is family friendly, best suited for kids 8 and older. If you have kiddos in that age range, this attraction is your absolute BEST BOO BET!

--Chad Young, Managing Editor/Entertainment Editor, Nashville Parent Magazine

Doesn't Recommend
over a year ago

Not worth the hype – Ok so don't get me wrong, the place looks good, very good, but for an establishment that claims to have professional quality actors, they fell very short. They seemed to be quoting lines that at some times went on and on that you got bored just listening to them talk. If you are interested in a very slow pace Halloween attraction without scares then this Haunt is for you. If you are wanting to be scared or startled at all, then I would not recommend this attraction. It is geared towards children heavily. Just my two cents for what its worth.

Doesn't Recommend
over a year ago

serious waste of time and money – Attended with three other people last October.

This is not a haunted house. It's a scenic display, albeit, a well done one. You would be more scared strolling through an antique store with a flashlight. So if you want to look at mood lighted antiques go for it, if you're expecting to be scared, startled, or even vaguely uneasy - save your money.

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